Volunteer and Internships

If you have an interest in combating trafficking and empowering former victims of trafficking, your skills and knowledge can and will further the anti-human trafficking movement. We invite you to be a part of our team.  We have programs in Kathmandu and Pokhara as well as opportunities for volunteering in multiple mountain villages. 


Volunteer Opportunities/Daily Tasks

Build last relationships with friendly and enthusiastic members of SASANE‚Äôs. Make a positive and rewarding contribution to the lives of survivors of human trafficking, by equipping them with language skills necessary to enter legal and hospitality sectors.  Opportunities and daily assignment might include:

  • Teaching English classes
  • Teaching computer skills classes
  • Assisting with research
  • Fundraising
  • Grant or proposal writing
  • Advocacy programing
  • Counseling (psycho-social and legal)
  • Legal and human rights training
  • Leading capacity building activities for survivors


And more!!!


Volunteer Requirements

Although men, women, and children are trafficked and exploited in such economic sectors as construction, farming, fishing, textiles, and mining, the trafficking of women and girls is a form of gender-based violence that frequently involves sexual, physical, and psychological abuses.

Due to the long-term effects of these abuses, in the past SASANE only accepted applications from female volunteers over the age of eighteen.  We are now accepting applications from female volunteers as well as male-female couples over the age of eighteen for positions in the SASANE office.

All volunteers must be fluent in English.


Creating a Culture of Respect

Volunteers at SASANE must understand our commitment to creating a Culture of Respect, through the recognition of local customs and etiquette, the promotion of individual dignity, and the responsibility of confidentiality.   


Recognition of Local Customs and Etiquette

Living in a new culture can be exciting, rewarding, and stimulating. Foreign volunteers at SASANE are given an opportunity to know another society from within. However, this can also be challenging. Volunteering internationally always involves certain responsibilities. The most obvious one is to adapt one's behavior to the customs and expectations of the host country. Volunteers should always remember to:

  • remove their shoes before entering a temple or home
  • ask permission before entering a Hindu temple
  • ask permission before taking photographs of objects or people

In addition, Nepal is a conservative country. Public display of affection such as kissing might be considered offensive.  Female volunteers traveling to rural areas should keep their knees and shoulders covered at all times and avoid wearing clothing that is too tight or low-cut.


Individual Dignity

One of the most difficult parts of being a survivor of gender-based violence is being treated by some people as if you are damaged, broken, or somehow beneath them. Unfortunately, this can unintentionally come across when volunteers from the West travel to developing nations for humanitarian and philanthropic work.


SASANE volunteers are expected to treat all members, staff, and associates with the highest level of respect and dignity.  We ask that volunteers are polite, thoughtful, and caring in all interactions.  Nepali people are generally friendly by nature.  So, have a genuine interest in the people you meet.  Talk to members, staff, and associates.  



Volunteers are expected to understand and follow strict guidelines of confidentiality.  Member, staff, volunteer, planning, and financial information, available in paper copy or on-line, and/or transmitted verbally, on paper, or electronically, should not be discussed outside of the organization. 

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