What We Do

SASANE is committed to helping survivors and women still trapped in the sex industry to achieve their dreams, gain independence, and rebuild their self‐esteem. We believe that providing women with education, training, and personalized internships is the most effective way to guarantee their future employment, thereby providing them with a stable income and significantly reducing their risk of being re-trafficked. SASANE provides education and awareness programs about human trafficking for schools, communities, and organizations, while also spearheading research efforts and policy reform in order to create positive change in the legal sector and the greater society.


Eliminate the trafficking and exploitation of women and children for labor, prostitution, sex, enslavement, or the forced removal of human organs, under duress or through coercion.


  • Prevent religion- / tradition-based physical and sexual exploitation of women and children through educational and social awareness programs.
  • Improve future anti-trafficking efforts through data collection and information sharing among relevant stakeholders.


  • Provide legal counseling to victims of gender-based violence and caste-based discrimination.
  • Identify and monitor routes commonly used by those who traffic and exploit women and children, especially at the border, in order to aid in their rescue and rehabilitation.


  • Develop and Implement programs to physically, emotionally and financially rehabilitate female victims of trafficking and exploitation.
  • Empower women to protect their own health by providing information about sexual diseases, prevention, and treatment