Mission and Vision

SASANE’s mission is to end the physical and sexual exploitation of women and girls, ensure their legal rights, and empower them to live free and dignified lives. This will be done through increasing women’s access to justice, concluding in the ultimate goal of ending human trafficking in Nepal and the eventual reintegration of survivors into society and their communities.

SASANE believes that survivors themselves have immense potential to combat the exploitation of Nepalese women and girls and to affect social change. Through educational scholarships, private-public partnerships facilitating job and internship placements, paralegal trainings, and other crucial services, SASANE is working to help women and girls succeed and thrive.

Through training survivors to become certified paralegals and media professionals, we not only empower women to gain economic independence and resist abuse, but also to help thousands of other victims achieve justice and assert their rights. Employing survivors within the legal system can create systemic change, sensitizing law enforcement agents to gender perspectives, and offering victims of gender-based crimes an avenue to be understood and served.

SASANE also strives to create a Nepal where comprehensive and well-enforced laws protect women and girls from exploitation. Through conducting policy advocacy, evaluating law enforcement practices, providing training, and holding stakeholders accountable, we are working to improve Nepal’s justice system and ensure that victims are adequately served.