Awareness and Education

School Awareness Program

SASANE offers a one-day school awareness program for girls and boys in Grades 8, 9, and 10. Through this program, SASANE seeks to educate the youth of Nepal on human and gender rights, while also raising awareness of the risks and realities of human trafficking and sexual slavery in Nepal. Currently, SASANE provides this program in 60 government schools throughout KathmanduValley. Addressing human trafficking is especially important in these government schools, where the education quality is poor and the large majority of students come from impoverished and marginalized communities, thereby making them more susceptible to human trafficking.

Informal Education Program

SASANE provides informal education for women in the rural villages of Ghyangphedie. This area is known for being particularly susceptible to human trafficking, as traffickers prey on the communities’ lack of economic prospects and lure the women and children away with promises of education and work opportunities in KathmanduValley.  In addition to basic education, such as reading, writing, and math, the program also educates the women of Ghyangphedie on the dynamics of human trafficking and gender-based violence, including an exploration of discriminatory cultural norms and sexist practices in their communities.

Children’s Education Program

Due to their highly remote location, the rural villages of Ghyangphedie lack access to basic services that many urban residents enjoy. As a result, the children of Ghyangphedie have little to no academic opportunities, instead often working through their childhood without any exposure to basic education. From visits and collaborative efforts with the villagers of Ghyangphedie, SASANE recognized the strong need for children’s education, and recently initiated a children’s education program in these rural villages. Through this program, SASANE staff members teach basic reading and writing in both Nepali and English, as well as math and science, to the village children of Ghyangphedie six days per week.

Primary Health Awareness Program

Following the success of the Informal Education Program, SASANE was able to implement a Primary Health Awareness Program in the rural villages of Ghyangphedie. This program provides basic health, sanitation, and sexual health education to these communities, along with access to general pharmaceutical and medical supplies. The program also offers basic first aid training, as the majority of these communities do not have easy access to medical care.