Paralegal Training

SASANE’s paralegal training program provides in-depth skills training to survivors of human trafficking and women at high risk of being trafficked, preparing them for employment in the legal sector. The program begins with one month of classroom training, covering police office procedure, an overview of the Nepalese legal system, court procedures, and law enforcement activities in the areas of human trafficking and gender-based violence.

After one month of theoretical training, the paralegals are provided with a placement in one of numerous local police stations. These placements give the women six months of practical training and allow them to improve their ability to handle cases while building trust with the police stations and clientele. The trainees file cases for women who come to the police stations with trafficking and/or gender-based violence problems.

Four months into their practical internships, trainees take a paralegal exam through the District Court.  Upon passing this exam, the trainees are certified to file any legal documents in law enforcement agencies, court and the judiciary. They are also able to obtain paid employment in police stations, courts, law firms, government entities, and other partner organizations to help combat trafficking and gender-based violence around Nepal.

For a Nepali woman, filing a complaint against a trafficker or an abuser is too often a traumatic experience that leads to re-victimization. Because of gender-discrimination, patriarchal norms, and male-domination within the legal system, women are frequently blamed or ignored by law enforcement agents. By training survivors of human trafficking to become paralegals, SASANE has set out to stop these injustices. Each year, SASANE trains thirty paralegals in KathmanduValley, and the program has recently been expanded to provide training for fifteen paralegals in Pokhara. Today, SASANE members work at 25 police stations across KathmanduValley, providing justice and compassion to victims and working for positive change in the legal system and greater society.

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