Who We Are

We have faced the real causes of trafficking.

We were the real victims of the crime.

We were the persons to be rescued.

We are still subordinated and our fundamental rights are violated.

We are the persons who need counseling and rehabilitation.

We are the persons who need to be reintegrated.

We are human beings that can take lessons from our past incidents.

We are eager to shun our dark past at the hope of a brighter future.

We need environment where we can transform ourselves.

If we get the environment we would be an asset for the society rather

than a liability.

Only we can support ourselves.

And we have the motto-

“Let’s protect ourselves!”

            -Written by SASANE Members, 2008

SASANE was established in 2008 by former female victims of human trafficking on the principle that survivors can create social change. SASANE has adopted a rights-based approach to break cycles of exploitation and victimization and address the conditions facilitating the recent increase in human trafficking and the explosive growth of Nepal‟s night entertainment sector. SASANE‟s innovative strategy of social change consults with and engages trafficking survivors in anti-trafficking activities to simultaneously transform the lives of other victims and tackle systemic inequality, exploitation, and injustice.