SASANE actively seeks experienced and skilled interns and volunteers for all of our programs. Intern or volunteer positions are ideal for people with relevant work or volunteer experience, students who are either currently working toward or have completed an undergraduate degree, recent graduates, or graduate students in a relevant program. Additionally, SASANE’s internship and volunteer programs are open to individuals, student or professional cohorts, and volunteer groups. If you are open to working in multiple programs or different positions, please specify this on your application. Additionally, the roles listed below do not cover all possibilities but rather provide a flexible framework. SASANE also welcomes applications from interns and volunteers with other interests and experiences and will work with them to identify how they can contribute.

Questions? Please send an email to and a representative of our organization will be in touch with you shortly.

School Awareness Program Volunteering Volunteering

Interns and volunteers are needed to support the development of workshops and educational programming in the locations of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

SASANE Sisterhood of Survivors (SOS) Program Volunteer

The program seeks interns and volunteers for a variety of positions based in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

SASANE Paralegal Program Volunteering

The program seeks interns and volunteers to assist with generating funds to increase access to justice and trainings on legal systems and human rights.