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We envision a local and national community that fully comprehends the value of each woman life and abhors any practice that denies her right to live a life free from violence, exploitation, or slavery. To ensure the mission and vision becomes a reality to the Nepalese community, SASANE is committed to preventing and prosecuting trafficking, human trafficking and protecting the survivors of human trafficking by building a strong collaborative of anti-trafficking advocates and experts.

SASANE is a local initiative that addresses human trafficking all over Nepal. It is also committed to addressing the impact of trafficking. The central purpose of SASANE is to increase awareness of social abuses, women violence, and human trafficking by providing outreach, education, advocacy and lobbying, all connected towards the sustainable reintegration of the survivors. Protecting the survivors and ensuring their sustainable reintegration is the priority of SASANE. We serve as a support for the anti-trafficking social service providers by providing a forum for sharing best practices, raising awareness, and collaborating to create efficiencies and expand the existing resources to meet survivors’ needs.

5 Major Goals of SASANE

  • Public awareness – Conduct programs, campaigns in collaboration with the local community and international organization to increase general public awareness about human trafficking.
  • Outreach the survivors – Through collaboration widen the scope of the existing outreach, efforts to inform the survivors regarding the available resources.
  • Advocate for change in policy – Create comprehensive victim-centered policies in the community level and national level.
  • Data collection – Build the base information about the scope and impact of trafficking.
  • Strengthen the collaboratives – Develop the partnership between the service providers, policy advocates, law enforcement agencies, and community activists seeking an end to human trafficking.

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