School for justice

School for justice

Female education is ignored in the Nepalese communities for various reasons such as unsuitable schooling environment, cultural traditions, and economic instability. It is sporadic for the girls hailing from rural villages of Nepal, to receive an education, so with no or little education, they are the ones who become the ultimate victims of human trafficking, slavery, and early marriage.

This pioneer program intends to meet its objective of empowering female survivors and daughters of survivors of commercial sexual exploitation to have a sustainable livelihood by ensuring quality education and to fight sexual exploitation of children.

Funded by the Netherland-based organization “Free A Girl”, the female survivors get education to become lawyers, paralegals, police officers, social workers and many more in Nepal to join the fight against child prostitution to put the criminals that once exploited them behind bars.

When we invest in girl’s secondary education

  • The lifetime earnings dramatically incline
  • Leadership skills develop simultaneously
  • Confidence to reintegrate in the society soars high
  • Decision-making ability strengthens

We SASANE, majorly invest in their work, raise the visibility as individuals, support their professional development and connect them to develop the national networks. Besides this, the beneficiaries act as a spokesperson in “Voice for Justice” campaign, which will focus on one specific case of spokesperson so that the beneficiaries feel strong and determined to file a complaint, receive justice, become change agents to fight impunity and also raise awareness.

Program Details
  • Starting Time:12;09pm
  • Date:February 1, 2021
  • Phone:+977-01-4517013
  • Location:Kathmandu, Nepal

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