Vision, Mission & Value Statement

Sasane Programs


The only mission of SASANE is to eliminate human trafficking, restore female rights, and put a joint effort in promoting social, educational, economic development of Nepalese women and girls. We also work for inclusion of women rights in the legal system, eradicating discrimination against women, advancing women’s capacity and leadership skills, and amplifying their voices for peace and security.


All women have the rights to live their lives with dignity, with equal access to economic and social opportunities. We foresee the survivors to confidently participate, reach out their full potential and influence the society for change.

Value Statement

  • Every lives matter: We ensure women have the right support and flexibility to stabilize themselves in society and become emotionally and economically independent.
  • Equity & power-sharing: To uplift women for the change, make them a part of decision making and crafting solutions. We believe that community participation is an integral part of good local governance and community development; therefore, we consider the participatory approach as the critical instruments of our association.
  • Meaningful change: We commit to flow in measurable and valuable changes to improve the status of the survivors through relentless action and investigation.
  • Visionary: We challenge the traditional ways of operating and thinking – centering female rights and power – with courage, optimism, and action.



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Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal