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About Sasane

Samrakshak Samuha Nepal (SASANE) was born out of the struggle to protect and empower the female survivors of human trafficking. In 2008, a group of human trafficking survivors made a joint effort to form SASANE, with a determined motto to protect women against societal evils. Since then, our prominent focus has always been on safeguarding the females from flesh trade, social abuse, and forced prostitution.

After the formal establishment, the “team of protectors” also known as the Samrakshak Samuha, robustly developed our principles for social change, social justice, and social well-being. We took the initiation from emergency rescue programs of human trafficking, which then proceeded to community empowerment and awareness programs.

To further strengthen our principles, we started our own project based residence in Kathmandu and Pokhara called the “SFJ House” for rehabilitation and residential purposes. The SFJ House has become a home and family for survivors discarded by their families. Apart from protection, we offer educational support and employment opportunities for financial independence.

SASANE to date actively works toward the social justice of the victims through investigation and legal battles for which we have a 24/7 toll-free helpline service. So, far we have reached out to Nepal’s remote corner to relay the message and consequences of human trafficking and communal abuses. We have tackled the most challenging issues, challenged ingrained cultural assumptions, and called out for social injustice wherever we see it.

We have also aligned with every Government based agency for the protection of women rights and sustainable reintegration of female survivors. We know social change begins with legal change; therefore, we have used the power of advocacy to create enduring equality for the trafficking survivors.


Sasane Programs

SASANE functions under the four interlinked components:


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