Paralegal Service

Paralegal Service

“SASANE paralegals are grassroots activists who use their knowledge to seek acceptable solutions in the form of justice.”

The inequality of women and girls is mainly reflected through a high rate of human trafficking, including a large percentage of female sex trafficking. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO) conservative estimate, nearly 2.4 million people – overwhelming women and girls – are currently into forced labour, creating a market of almost USD 32 billion worldwide.

Within Nepal, female trafficking is a severe issue, characterized by cross-border, international, internal trafficking of women, children for forced labour and exploitation. In Nepal, women are vulnerable to domestic, cross border trafficking, and overseas human trade.

Women and Children’s Service Directorate (which is a part of Nepal Police) reported nearly 366 cases of trafficking between 2013-2015, of whom 94% were a female underage group of 18 years. Whereas the recent NHRC report indicates that 78 percent of identified victims of trafficking in 2017/2018 were female, and 25% were children.

SASANE commenced its paralegal service from 2008 A.D with 371 trained paralegals certified from the district court in two different locations Kathmandu and Pokhara till date. The main paralegal activities of SASANE include free psychological counselling, legal counselling, legal assistance, and data collection through Nepal Police proceedings.

Paralegal Program Summary 

Dedicated to female trafficking survivors, the paralegal program delivers training programs to 45 survivors each year. Apart from protection, the program provides in-depth paralegal skills training, with a goal of paralegal certification. Through this, the females are empowered to attain financial independence, leadership skills, and legal resources for their communities. These trained survivors come out to be active and confident in the justice procedure and assist other victims receive easy justice by acting as a bridge between Nepal Police and victims.

SASANE works in close coordination with Nepal Police and District Courts throughout the program for exploring job opportunities for trained paralegals and ensuring effective and easy justice seeking procedure.

The paralegal program consists of three stages, such as:

  • 45-days of extensive theoretical training under the guidance of renowned lawyers and SASANE paralegals. The training covers the Nepalese legal system’s overview and teaches about human rights and other additional laws related to gender-violence, court procedure, psycho-social counselling, and trafficking practices.
  • Six months of practical placement to local police stations to develop legal knowledge and skills. The trainees during the period earn a stipend to cover their monthly expenses and strengthen their financial capacity.
  • Completion of “Paralegal Certification Examination” conducted by District Court to receive the Paralegal Professional Certificate.
  • Passed trainees receive a Government recognized Paralegal Professional Certificate making them a licensed Nepal based Paralegal.

SASANE works independently for the Paralegal Training Program. We aid other NGOs who encounter human trafficking or gender violence and is seeking training service for Paralegal Programs.

Program Details
  • Starting Time:9:00AM to 5:00PM
  • Date:January 28, 2021
  • Phone:+977-01-4517013
  • Location:Kathmandu, Nepal

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